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Your Power Is in the Present: How to Cope with the Fear of Change

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You’ve heard the Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?

Yeah. Me, too.

But I forget.

I forget that I am only responsible for the next few steps of my journey.

You see, when I lie awake at night worrying that my bank account isn’t Baucis’ pitcher and that it won’t magically refill itself, it’s because I’ve forgotten the wisdom of this proverb.

As some of you know, I have made some pretty  big changes in my life lately. I’ve moved to a different house in a different city, changed my status from partnered to single, and committed fully to the spiritual work I am here to do on the planet.

I know that I am plugged in to Source. I know I am supported—by my friends and family, by the Archangels who are my business partners, by the divine in all its glory. And I actually know exactly what I need to do. In the next few days, that is.

I need to wake up each morning and spend an hour or more in meditation, in communion with the Divine. And after that, I have a to-do list. Here’s a peek:

  • Prepare for MWA-Montgomery creativity workshop
  • Prepare for Illuminate Annapolis
  • Record Module 5 of the Money and Soul series
  • Enter new names into my mailing list data base
  • Send  thank you notes to clients who referred me to their friends
  • Publish a blog post and an email newsletter
  • Update my business bookkeeping

As I look at that list, it’s probably forty hours worth of work. At least. Not counting sessions with clients or actually going to those events I’m preparing for! There’s no shortage of work, and it is appropriate, targeted work that will move my mission forward, as well as fill my bank account.

So why the five am panic attacks?

They happen because when I worry, I’m not focused on today’s todo list. I’m not looking at the stepping stones beneath my feet. Instead, I’ve taken my focus away from now and put it in the future. That’s a problem, because all of our power to create our lives lies in the now. Energetically, we create our future from the actions we take in the present.

We’ve all spent time dreaming about the futures we desire. When you daydream about the future, when you see yourself giving that speech to a filled auditorium, or when you see yourself with a full roster of coaching clients, you’re energetically in the future. You’ve taken a good chunk of your spirit and stepped out of the present. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming for short periods of time, as long as you know that your ability to actually create that future lies in being fully present in the now.

It’s like getting a car for your birthday but being told the car’s engine won’t arrive for six months. Chassis without an engine won’t take you too far, will it? But we humans aren’t always aware of where our engines are, so to speak. We don’t notice that they’re not here with us until we wonder why we’re so tired all the time or why we can’t get pregnant.

Imagining future terrors is even less useful than pleasant daydreaming. Have you heard the expression Worry is praying for what you don’t want? When we worry about what might happen, we actually program ourselves to create that outcome. And we’re still not present in our now, where we can be useful.

So if you find yourself worrying about something that might happen in six months, or even six years, the first thing to do is to come back into the present moment. Here are some practical actions you might find useful.

Meditate. Grounding meditation is a great way to anchor yourself in the present moment. (My course Opening to the Blessings will teach you how to meditate.)

Check your certainty. If you’re honestly not sure whether or not you’re on the right road, it’s hard to trust in the path beneath your feet. In that case, consider a session with a therapist, coach, or intuitive to help you find clarity. (The angels and I offer both twenty and sixty minute sessions.)

Share your fears with a friend. Hiding or stuffing down your fear just makes it worse. Share what’s bothering you with a good friend who can be trusted to give you a reality check, pep talk, or kick in the tush!

Hold a vision for the future, but a plan for the present. By that, I mean know where you’re headed, but focus most of your energy on taking practical actions in the here and now.

Focus on the next three steps. I bet you have a to-do list to rival mine!  So put your energy and attention there and stop looking ahead to the end of journey.

After I got done panicking this morning, I reminded myself that I had people waiting for Module 5, and people waiting for me to add them to my mailing list so they could stay in touch. I reminded myself that I had a 1 pm meeting today, and a blog post and newsletter due to go out before then. And those are all jobs I know I can do. Right foot, left foot, step, step, step.

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