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Writer’s Block, Threshold Resistance, or Plain Old Fatigue: How to Tell and What to Do

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The words won’t come. It’s time to write, but no writing is getting done.

Use these quick checklists to figure out what’s wrong, and how to solve it.

You may need to sleep more than you need to write if

  •  You routinely get less sleep than your body needs
  •  You have a Type A personality
  • You have small children
  • You watch a lot of television

If any of the above describes you, it’s likely that you are chronically sleep deprived. To be deeply creative requires energy. Your best, freshest energy, if possible. If you are having trouble finding your creative spark, consider reprioritizing your schedule so that you get more sleep. If that sounds overwhelming, start by reprioritizing just one day a week so that you are rested enough to write. Alternatively, try a power nap or a short meditation session to renew your energy.

You might be facing threshold resistance if

  • You routinely have the urge to clean house when it’s time to write
  • You end up watching television or reading during your writing time
  • As you head over to your computer, you suddenly feel very sleepy and think about taking a nap

If any of the above sounds like you, that’s great news! Threshold resistance is very common and very easy to cure. First, notice the pattern. Threshold resistance is like a gremlin that pops up just when you’re on the threshold of writing. It tries to distract you with fatigue, household chores, or anything else that might work. One minute you’re ecstatic at the thought of time to write, the next minute you’ve decided to spring clean your guest room. Yup, that’s threshold resistance.

Just as a car needs a few seconds to move from idle to sixty mph, so writers need to accelerate into their creativity. You may find that you need to overcome this inertia every single time you sit down to write. The good news is the cure is easy.

Threshold resistance usually melts away once you actually sit down and get started. Just head into your writing time anyway, and say to yourself, “I’ll just work for fifteen minutes.” That’s much less scary than writing for two hours, and so it kicks up much less resistance. By the time fifteen minutes is over, you’ll likely be deep in the flow and ready to keep going. If you’re not, something bigger might be blocking your writing.

You might have writer’s block if

  •  It’s been weeks or months since you felt truly creative
  • You’re dealing with a major life change or challenge
  • Your block is specific to a certain project, such as a novel, but you are perfectly creative in other areas
  • You feel a lot of fear around the creation or completion of a one or all of your writing projects

If one of those points describes you, it’s likely that you are facing a major creativity challenge. There’s no quick fix, but one thing that often works is to get out and move!  Take a hike, go dancing—just get in your physical body and stay out of your head for a bit.

For other strategies to help you get writing again, check out The Creative Flow Toolbox. And do drop me a note and let me know how your writing’s going. What strategies have you used to get back into creative flow?

As always, I’m here to help if you need me. A one-on-one session with the angels can provide the insight and healing you need to get back in gear.

I wish you joyous writing!


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