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Your amazing life is waiting for you!

This is an exciting time on the planet!

We are waking up to the reality of our human-divine natures, and as we do so, we realize that our lives are truly limitless.

I love to watch my clients as they begin to realize what is possible for them. You see, we can have it all–the self-worth, the loving relationships, the prosperity. But we don’t get those things just from sitting on the couch chanting affirmations–soul growth takes work. It requires us to ask more from our jobs, our families, our intimate relationships–and ourselves. Growth can be scary, but also exhilarating–and so worthwhile!

I know how much freedom is waiting for you--how much joy and health and abundance is yours to claim. I live that freedom every day.

The angels want you to have it all–because as each of us heals, so our collective and our planet heals. It is truly sacred work.

Are you ready to cocreate your amazing life?

It’s my passion and my purpose to support you on your journey. Beginning with a 30-minute session and extending all the way to multi-hour packages, the angels and I are here to support you as you cocreate the life of your dreams!

Private Sessions

The angels and I are here to help! My private sessions are a fluid mix of psychic readings, angel-assisted healings, intuitive coaching, energy tools, and mediumship. Over the phone, recorded. $200/hr. Click here for more details or purchase your reading now. Once I receive your payment, I will  contact you to schedule your reading.

Sessions begin at 1 pm daily EXCEPT Wednesday & Saturday. Please scroll down for schedule.

Need the angels asap?  Text me for availability: (301) 717-8500

Purchase a 30-minute reading ($100.00): 

Purchase a 60-minute reading ($200.00): 

VIP Angel Access

Access to the angels when you need it,
as often as you need it!

9 am to 8 pm daily

VIP hours are paid for in advance. In exchange for upfront payment, clients receive

  • A significant discount
  • Priority scheduling
  • One-payment convenience for hours of angel time

Whether they need me for 2 hours or just 15 minutes, VIP clients simply email or text me, and I get back to them with my next available time. VIP clients always get priority scheduling, especially for time-critical questions or true angel emergencies.

VIP hours never expire! I will keep track of the time you have spent, keep you updated, and let you know when your package is running out.

Three levels to suit your needs and your budget!

SILVER: 5 hours/$750

A $1000.00 value


GOLD: 7 hours/$1050

A $1400.00 value


PLATINUM: 9 hours/$1350

An $1800.00 value


I’m happy to discuss your needs and expectations and answer any questions you may have. My contact info is below.

A Month of Angels

A 4-week package at a significant discount.

You and I and the Archangels will meet once a week for 4 sessions to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals. Each session is 60 minutes, over the phone, and recorded. Time of session is flexible.

$600/month (4 hours of time, value $800)

Session Appointment Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

1 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 7:30 pm

Prefer a morning appointment? Ask for availability of additional times or asap appointments.

Need the angels asap?  Text me for availability: (301) 717-8500

Questions? Let’s talk!

(301) 717-850