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What Code Do You Live By?

I recently had a really bad experience. The kind of experience where life just pretty much entirely sucks for a period of several weeks, and the temptation is to walk around doing nothing but beating myself up for having made such a serious error in judgment.

It was a truly dark moment in my life, but like all black clouds, it did actually have a silver lining, and after I got done crying and binging on too many carbohydrates, I started to notice the gifts buried in this difficult experience. There were many, and I am sure I will write about them in future articles, but the one that stands out for me is this.

The experience of meeting a deeply unethical person, a woman who broke my heart, held up a mirror that enabled me to see the kind of person I truly was. That mirror showed me much that I can be proud of, and some wounded places I had not realized were there. And, amazingly, it showed me a core truth about myself.

I finally put into words the code I live by.

The code I live by.

I’m not a marine, a soldier, or a priest.

I’m not a religious recluse or a public servant.

I’m just me—a human woman who talks to angels and who believes that each of us creates the world we wish to live in—one action, one person, one day at a time. My code is this:

integrity   truth   joy

I sort of knew I held those core beliefs, but not fully, not consciously, until this woman who held none of those values coaxed me out of the true center of myself, and, having done so, betrayed me utterly.

It’s on her, but it’s also on me. I let it happen; I was vulnerable to my own defenestration. My vulnerability was those wounded spots—I see them now, and that’s fine. We all have places where we are asked to grow. Our soul growth is never over.

But that code: integrity, truth, joy.

Those words serve as a touchstone for me. As I go out into the world and continue to meet new people, of both sexes, both personally and through my professional work, that code will help me to remember who I am. I will run new experiences through the litmus test of my code, and if a person or a situation doesn’t sit well with those three words, I will recognize a huge caution flag, a sign from the angels asking me to slow down, or stop.

I see now that my code is also my rock—a place where I can take a stand. One bit of solidity in this life that sometimes seems like endless quicksand.

Bedrock. That’s no small thing.

As I write this, I wonder what your code is, dear reader. What few words are the solid ground beneath your feet? I would be interested to hear both your code and your story—how did you come to recognize those qualities that are at the center of your life? You are welcome to share both in a comment below, or to email me at

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for 2018. Like all new years, this one will be what we make of it.

Namaste and blessings,


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