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Un-Niche Yourself! You Never Really Fit in There Anyway, Did You?

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Do You Have to Have a Niche to Be Successful?

I’m an energy healer, a spiritual teacher, a psychic, a channel for the archangels, an intuitive business coach, a poet and an author. Oh yeah, I also train dogs, and I’ve recently discovered a calling for hospital and hospice work with the angels.

I specialize in helping people learn to meditate and hear their angels, but I also specialize in helping other healers and lightworkers earn what their work is worth.

I’ve published six books, and I’m writing the seventh—the angels’ book about money. (Yay!) Just two weeks ago, the angels showed me that I could start offering personalized angel messages in the form of birthday and holiday cards.

So what’s my niche?

Yeah, right.

I read all those business books, too. The ones that said that in order to be successful, even super-successful, you have to find the niche your business fits in. There’s even a phrase—niching down. It refers to finding the small subset of a larger market that your business can sell to. The thinking is that the more you can divide and subdivide a particular market, the more successfully you can create and sell products or services to that market.

It’s Not What You Do, It’s Who You Are

So here’s what I know. (And I know it because the angels have shown me, and also because I see it in myself and the clients I work with.)

The traditional business world and the world of conscious entrepreneurs (the lightworkers, intuitives, and healers) overlap, but not entirely. Business in the 3D world often operates in the energy of the ego-mind, and that’s a very crowded, noisy space where it’s hard to get noticed.

The world of the lightworker and the conscious entrepreneur is different. Our clients are intuitive, too, or at least highly sensitive. They are attracted to us not so much because of what we do, but because of who we are.

(Ding-ding-ding! If a lightbulb didn’t just go off, it should have.)

And most of the conscious entrepreneurs I know do many things. They make jewelry but also offer Reiki. They talk to angels and also to dead people. And I believe that all of that diversity is a good thing.  It gives you a big toolbox to pull from and offers a rich, multi-textured experience to your clients.

I don’t think you need a niche, and I don’t think you’d fit in one if you tried, but I do think you need to watch out for some of the most common pitfalls of being un-niched. I share some of them below.

The Perils of Living Outside the Niche

Do any of the following statements describe you?

  1. You’re so far from a niche, you have no idea what you really do. (And neither do your clients.)
  2. Your elevator speech sounds like a grocery list.
  3. When you meet a prospective client, you tell them all about your modalities but you don’t discuss the benefits of your work.

Every business person needs to be able to answer the question, “What do you do?” And we need to be able to answer the question in a clear, concise, graspable way. The prospective client needs to be able to pick up our handle, so to speak, and hold it, look at it, and really get it. We need to be able to answer the question those contacts are really asking, which is “How can what you do help me?”

When I tell people that I help conscious entrepreneurs earn what their work is worth, most people can instantly grasp what I’m offering to help them with. Now, as you’ve just read, that’s not ALL I do, but if I told new contacts every thing I do, my elevator speech would read like a grocery list. I would thoroughly confuse and overload them and they would walk away without any clear idea of what I might have to offer them.

And I see healers do that every day. I met a healer at a mind-body-spirit festival recently. I asked her what she was offering at the festival, and she proceeded to take ten minutes to walk me through all of the kinds of readings she offered. Each kind of reading used a slightly different technique or modality, and she presented them like items on a menu. On her table was a poster divided into about ten sections of tiny print describing these things. It was much more information than I needed and it confused and overwhelmed me. I needed the thirty-second elevator speech and I got the 3 page brochure instead.

Perhaps you’ve also made the common mistake of describing the modalities you use, instead of the ways your work benefits your clients. And that may be because you yourself really have no idea how your work benefits your clients. And no, “I help people” is not an adequate response!

If this sounds like you, begin to ask yourself the question, “How does my work benefit my clients?” It may take months, but you will eventually find the answer, or answers.

Find Your Umbrella

One way to live happily outside of a niche is to find the umbrella concept that encompasses all, or most, of what you do. I’ve been slow to realize this (duh on me!), but my umbrella is angels. The angels pop their noses, and their opinions, into pretty much everything I do, but it only occurred to me recently that the over-arching theme in my business brand was simply that—my connection with the archangels. The more I sit with the simplicity of this concept, the more ideas I get for products I might offer my clients.

So what’s that one big belief, modality, or concept that more or less covers the diversity of what you do? It’s not a niche, exactly, but it can provide some structure or a framework for the services you offer.

Yes, You Can Be All That!

Have you ever felt that you had to give up doing something you love in order to fit within the parameters of your business? I thought that when I started writing books that meant I had to give up training dogs, since dogs and books on meditation didn’t exactly fit on the same website. And then I really upset many of the folks on my creativity email list when I started writing about angels!

But the bottom line is that all of those things are me. I can do all of those diverse things that I listed at the beginning of this article, and love doing them. I don’t have to choose, and neither do you. So don’t limit the gifts you bring to the planet, but do restrict your elevator speech to one key concept, or maybe two, and try to answer the question your contacts are really asking, which is how your work can help them solve their problems or meet their goals.

As always, if you’d like a private session to explore this or any other concept of you life or business, the angels and I are here to help.

Happy expanding!



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