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I sat down at my desk, settled into meditation, and immediately my mind started spinning around all the actions I could take to help people notice—and register for—a workshop I’m doing in a few weeks. Maybe if I did this, maybe if I did that, I could get more people to sign up. Two people aren’t enough! I want four, six, ten, more! And of course, there’s no meditation in those thoughts. They’re pure mental body. And ego. Yup, my old friend ego. Arrogance and insecurity intertwined—a familiar place indeed. Anyone else go there?

That little dance of ego and panic comes from a very disconnected place. No way can I be connected to Source energy and at the same time be spinning over workshop numbers. And so I sink down into my belly, and the first word I touch is trust. Oh, yeah. Been there too. Why is it so hard to just let go, release control, and trust?

“Because you can’t make it happen,” the angels answer me. “Because humans like that which they can control, and trust is the opposite of control. Because trust is letting go of control, like flipping onto your back in a swimming pool and trusting the water to hold you.”

Which is really surrender.

Surrender is a place I’ve visited, usually when I’ve hit rock bottom, and could no longer scrape together two ounces of push to continue the fight. I think the angels want us to surrender because they want us to find that effortless place where we stop trying to tell the ocean to roll. And it’s hard, because we’re used to being in charge. We like it. Although it stresses us out, inflames our cells, and takes years off our lives. But it’s a comfy, familiar, dysfunctional place.

Here’s the thing, though. Spinning in our minds chokes off Source energy. And what I’ve learned recently is that everything is about Source. Making money hand over fist? Source energy is flowing through you. Making love every chance you get? Source energy is flowing through you. Everything in your life falling effortlessly into place? Source energy is flowing through you. And the opposite scenarios are also true.

Broke? There’s a kink in the hose of Source.

Lonely? Ditto.

Business dead in the water? Big, big, block in the firehose of Source.

It’s really that simple.

All good things are Source, flowing through us like the light it is.

All struggles are less than Source—a trickle, maybe, but not a flow.

And the purpose of those struggles? Simply to teach us, to motivate us, to plug in.

The solution is Source. The angels show me that, over and over. It’s my job to be a celestial plumber, to connect the pipes, to unkink the hose.

So about that workshop?

Time to meditate—for real—and make sure I am connected to Source, and that I know in my belly the value of what I do. And then to surrender the marketing to god and trust that, even if I’m only speaking to two people, it’ll be a great workshop. Down ego, there’s a good dog.

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