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The Secret is Source

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Beneath the surface of the everyday world, there is a whole other world of energy, truth, and Spirit. This invisible world operates in powerful ways that we may not always understand as we go about our everyday lives in our personality selves.

I am blessed to spend much time in that other real world. The angels use my own journey and my clients’ journeys to help me see how the world of Spirit works.

And lately, they have been showing me a huge but simple truth: It’s all about Source.

Our lives work to the extent that we are connected to Source. 

We suffer illness and loss to open us to Source.

We experience peace and abundance when we connect with Source.

Health or illness, wealth or debt, love or loneliness, creativity or block—it all comes down to Source or no Source. We’re either connected, disconnected, or, more commonly, partially connected.

Source energy is like a giant fire hose of power and bliss. When we are fully aligned to our divine natures, that power flows through us, joyfully and without limit.

When we struggle, the flow of Source pinches off—we pinch it off—and then we know pain and loss and fear. The opposite of fear is not love, by the way, it’s Source.

Each of us has dozens of invitations every day to embrace Source, to connect that river of light to ourselves and our lives. Oddly enough, we often don’t accept those invitations, because we have been trained not to.

Yup. It’s true. Soul healers often use the word “programming” to refer to the subtle ways we carry instructions in our soul’s DNA, instructions that tell us what to do and how to live. Those instructions are hidden in shoulds and supposed-to’s. Just as a computer gets programmed to carry out a task, human beings are programmed to reject Source.

That’s a strong statement, but in my experience it’s true.

We reject Source when we do anything that does not serve us just because we think we should. (There’s that should word again!)

We are actually rejecting Source when we remain continuously connected to our jobs through email and text, never being fully present in our personal time.

We are actually rejecting Source when we feel obliged to go mow the lawn instead of making love with our partner on a beautiful summer afternoon.

We are actually rejecting Source when we accept an invitation to a party we don’t want to go to just because we think we should.

We are actually rejecting Source when we fill every inch of our time, and our children’s time, with activities and obligations and busyness.

We are actually rejecting Source when we choose silence over sharing our opinions and beliefs.

We are actually rejecting Source when we watch inane programs or biased news on television.

So, you might wonder, how then do we choose to connect to Source energy?

We do it through replacing should with allow.

We connect to Source in the empty quiet spaces of our lives, in the moments unmediated by technology.

We connect to Source when we meditate, when we make love, when we choose to walk through our fears into the life we want.

We connect to Source when we allow ourselves to prioritize and practice our art.

We connect to Source when we allow ourselves to follow our hearts and souls into choices and actions that seem trivial but are often deeply important.

We connect to Source when we release responsibility, when we decide to disconnect from mainstream culture, when we have the courage to walk a different path than those around us.

The good news is, more and more people are making these choices. More and more people are returning to what is real and opening to what is possible. The ways to choose to connect with Source energy are endless. I’d love to help you shift your life from restriction and responsibility to safety and joy. I am always available to chat via email or phone. I’m here to help.

Many blessings on your journey, and may Source be with you!



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Hi! I’m Alix. I'm an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need.

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