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The Opposite of Hate: Election Advice from the Angels


No sooner do I close my eyes for this morning’s meditation than I see her. She is radiant. She is the angel of judgment.

“Human beings are full of judgment,” she tells me. “But it does not come from us, it is not divine. The judgment that humans carry comes from themselves. It always has.”

“See,” she instructs me.

She bends down, squatting, and I see below us a village in the middle of some kind of unrest. Humans are carrying torches, shouting. Some poor man is the subject of their wrath. He is cowering, beaten.

“Humans judge their own,” says the angel. “We do not judge them.”

I think of all of the stories of Judgment Day.

“Humans made those,” the angel tells me. “For it was easier that way. If god judged, then humans could also.”

She lifts me to a promontory and I see a different scene. I see humans get up off the ground, dusting each other off, crawling out from tumbled houses, helping each other.

“This also is humanity,” the angel says.

“Humans keep waiting for someone or something to save them,” the angel tells me. “But each of you has the power to save yourself.”

“This is a great culture of responsibility,” the angel continues. “Humans like to be responsible for every one and every thing except what really matters. Each of you needs to claim responsibility for yourself, and only yourself.”

She shows me that Earth. It’s verdant, flowering. Each human walks in balance and in love. There is much play time, cooperation, solitude. The humans dance around each other, each one whole, complete, protected, yet enjoying the energy of community. The children are also whole. The serenity of the scene is amazing. Struggle is over. The time of exploration has begun.

Once again I am sitting in meditation in my own home, but the angel is still with me. The humans around me are a hot mess of unhealed and unbalanced pieces. That great conflagration of mistakes called the american election is just a few days away, and I know neither candidate, neither party, has got it right. It’s not about what the government will or won’t do for each of us. The journey before us, as individuals, as a country, as a human collective, is about what each of us will do for ourselves.

There is a Japanese saying: The foot of the lighthouse is always dark. What would our lives be like if each of us claimed full responsibility for our own lives—for our own happiness, fulfillment, health, and wealth? That might sound scary, or hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

The angels say

The opposite of hate is not love, but joy.


Face in the wind, body full of life, grinning from ear to ear with pure exhilaration. When was the last time you felt that? When was the last time you were fully present in your own life, every molecule of you singing with contentment?

The angels invite all of us, during the final days before this scary election, to wage our own campaign, a campaign of joy. To turn off the television, close the computer, and remember what we love to do and those we love to do it with.

They ask us to prioritize joy over responsibility, duty, and our to-do lists.

To allow ourselves to play, to nap, to spend intimate time with a partner.

And to continue to do what we love every single day.

Because joy is pure Source energy. The more we connect with our own bliss, the more we pull Source down onto the planet, into our bodies and our lives. The more we claim, practice, and embody joy, the more we counteract the forces of hate, which are really the forces of disconnection.

I plan to prioritize joy on November 8. I’m going to vote, and then spend the rest of the day doing things I truly love to do. In fact, I just counted. There are 66 days left in 2016. I pledge to spend some part of each one doing something I LOVE doing.

Won’t you join me?

Drop me an email at, or leave a comment below this post. Tell me some of the things you love to do. Which one will you give to yourself and the planet today? What about tomorrow?

In love and joy,

Alix & the Archangels

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  1. Susan Schluederberg

    I love to teach people about how to garden, and live in harmony with the plants in this world. I love to look at flowers and birds. The sight renews me.

  2. wonderful! Thank you Alix

  3. Nancy

    On the morning of the election we made blueberry pancakes. They are typically a special weekend breakfast… They were yummy!!

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