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The Blessing of Compassion—for Yourself

I’m feeling a little bruised this morning. Not physically bruised, but emotionally bruised. Psychically bruised. Even perhaps spiritually bruised.

Those of you who know me might be a bit surprised to hear this, as I am usually positive, optimistic, full of unshakable faith and hope.  That joyful self is me, but this bruised self is also me.

Sometimes It’s Just Hard

You see, I think it’s hugely important that we acknowledge and respect the hard aspects of our soul journeys. The path is not all about rainbows and butterflies. There are times when we have to get down in the trenches of our own wounding, of our past in this lifetime and previous lifetimes, and we have to do the hard, hard work of facing our dysfunction, of claiming our healing.

There are many places in my work where I share the bliss of success, the expansion of joy that comes from claiming our divine selves and embodying our connection to Source. Today is not one of those days. Today, I just want to tell you that I know. Sometimes the soul growth road is really hard. It’s just hard.

We Chose the Hard

I’m not claiming victimhood when I say that. No one made my road hard. Everything I am walking through is a challenge I agreed to take on so that I could learn to be a fully integrated, fully empowered, human-divine being. This hard path is not anyone’s fault, not even mine, and certainly the journey is not always this painful.

As I awoke this morning with pain in my heart, I sat down to meditate and I asked the angels to help me. It took a while for me to hear them, but eventually the angels suggested that I ground in trust and faith, so I did. Then, as I moved ahead into channeling earth and cosmic energies (advanced meditation), the angels suggested I pull hope up from the earth, and divine support down from the heavens.

I just sat there, doing my best to connect to and channel faith, hope, and divine support, for quite some time.

Simply Embrace Your Wounded Places

And then, the angels asked me to just accept my wounded places, to simply  accept them, as if they were a small child whom I could either ostracize or embrace. So I did that, too. That was hard, because I don’t really want to accept the wounded me. I want to hide her, sweep her under the rug, send her away and pretend she doesn’t belong to me. But it takes a lot of energy to reject our wounded selves, so when I finally opened my heart to her and let her in, when I finally told her that I accept her, that she was a part of me, something interesting happened.

I began to feel compassion—for myself.

As if I were outside me, looking in. I felt such huge compassion for Alix—for how she was wounded, for her courage and her determination to heal, for the painful process of digging into the muck and dredging myself clean.

We humans are so comfortable with the judgmental voices that play inside our heads. It’s quite startling when those voices stop whispering to us of failure and fear, and simply, gently tell us

I see you. I see that things are hard. I acknowledge your pain. I feel such incredible compassion for you and for this road you have committed to walking.

I’m not sure why our human selves have to use challenges, fear, and pain to learn to heal and embody our higher selves. Struggle does seem to be the universal human classroom.

Can You Find Compassion for Yourself?

Can you have compassion for your struggle, for the hard parts of the journey you are walking? Perhaps you can just take a few moments today to sit in a warm, sunny room, in silence, and acknowledge what you are working on without slipping into pity, or victimhood.

Perhaps if you just accept that things are tough, close your eyes and shelter your wounded self, you may for a moment touch the transcendent grace of holding divine compassion, not for another, but simply for yourself. I’d love to hear back from those of you who try this. (

Until today, if you had asked me what were the transcendent emotions, I would have told you joy, and grace. Today I add compassion to that list.

Perhaps that’s how god sees us.

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