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The Archangels Debunk Fear

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Good Morning, Dear Ones.

It is us, your divine angel friends and teachers.

We have asked Alix to write for us today because we know that there is so much swirling energy on the planet right now. And one huge part of that chaotic energy is fear, and it’s fear we want to teach you about today.

Fear is an odd energy. Well, not so odd, really. It works the same way that hate does, and judgment. Fear is born of a moment, of a thing or a time that sparks within you a feeling that you are unsafe, that there is something in your life that can harm you. Sometimes that is true, but most of the time, some eighty-five or ninety percent of the time, the fear is not a physical truth, it’s just an energetic possibility. But kind of like the flu, fear can then take on a life of its own.

Good analogy! We are patting ourselves on our backs for that one, as flu is carried partly on the energy of fear. Without fear, there would be much less flu. But we digress.

Fear breeds fear. Fear starts in one human, or several humans, and then it spreads from person to person and place to place like a cloud of smoke or smog. Pretty soon there are people who weren’t actually afraid who look up and see the smog of fear and then start to think that they should be afraid. And so it grows.

Fear is a tricky little energy. Fear about one thing connects with fear about other things, and then the mixed-up fear grows even stronger. So maybe there was a man who was afraid he was going to lose his wife. He hears that the economy isn’t doing well, and that makes him a little anxious, and then that anxiety connects with his deeper fear, the one about his marriage, and all of a sudden he feels very fearful that the economy isn’t doing well. Do you see? Things get all mixed up.

As so it is with all of the fear about the results of the American election. We the angels aren’t talking politics here, but we want you to understand something very important.

If the results of the recent American election made you anxious or afraid, a good bit of the fear you are feeling is actually not about the election. It’s about your cash flow, or your possible amazing success, or the looming loss of your elderly dog.

The fear about the election was like a spark that just ignited the gunpowder of all of the other fears you’ve been sitting with. Perhaps you were conscious of these other fears, or perhaps you weren’t, but they all came together into one big FEAR.

So we the angels want you to know: 85 or 90% of the fear you are feeling is not true.

That’s for most people, most of the time, and we know there are exceptions, like battered women and soldiers in a war zone. But for most Americans, much of the fear you feel is just that, fear. And more specifically, it’s fear about what might happen in the future. Unless you’re that soldier, you’re not afraid of what is happening in your life right now. You’re afraid of what might happen in the future. 

Huh. Not the same thing at all, is it?

So what can you do about it?

Well, the first thing we ask you to do is to take a deep breath. If the fear is overwhelming then go walk around the block. When you come back, ask yourself, “What’s true here?”

We suggest that you divide your fear up into lists, as follows.

  1. Fear of what happened in the past
  2. Fear of what is happening in the present
  3. Fear of what might happen in the future

Anytime you find yourself swamped with fear, start filling out those three lists.

You might find that you spend a great deal of time being afraid that what happened in the past might happen again, or afraid of what the future might hold. But neither of those things is really true, because neither is happening in present time, in the now.

And here’s the really cool part—if your now is actually pretty okay, then that means you’re safe, and you have a safe place from which to create a safe future. You see, the present moment, the now, is the only place from which you humans can create anything. You might have dreams about the future, but the place where you make those dreams come true is always the present moment. The place of creation is always the present moment. That has to do with the true nature of time, but let’s not go there right now. Sounds of angel laughter.

So, in summary:

  • Fear spreads like fog; it takes on a life of its own
  • One specific fear attracts to it any other fear it can find in your being
  • Most of the time, what you fear is not actually happening right now

We have, as you might imagine, much more to say on the subject of fear. But we’ll save that for another day. Oh well, one final thought.

If you are in movement, it’s much harder to be afraid. So go jogging, go swimming, go play catch with the dog.

If you are laughing, it’s unlikely you’re afraid. If you are wearing a shit-eating grin, it’s unlikely you are afraid.

So if you still feel anxious or afraid after you write those fear lists, go do something you love, preferably something physical.

You’re much safer than you think you are.

Until next time,

We love you!


The Archangels

PS Oh, yeah. We think you might have to turn off the TV news, and really restrict your social media time. Because immersing yourself in those channels is like bathing in fear. Unless you enjoy being anxious—and some people do—in which case, by all means keep watching!

PPS Sometimes you need a helping hand to get your fear under control. If you want help with that or anything else,  Alix offers private sessions, so that you can get the help you need from us.

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