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Strong, Safe, and Well—An Online Healing Workshop On Energetic Boundaries

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Always tired? Does someone else’s bad mood ruin your day? Are you highly sensitive and find being in crowds of people exhausting, even when the event is something you enjoy? Most people live and sleep inside of houses, but have no idea that their personal energy space is completely unsheltered and unprotected.

Come learn how to create and maintain energetic boundaries that allow you to stay safe despite the turbulence around you. Learn where you stop and the rest of the world begins. Learn energy tools that let you clean out your personal energy space and call your chi, or life force energy, back home.

Like all tools, boundaries are something you need to practice until they become second nature, so hearing this information and setting up your energy boundaries is not something you will do just once! You’ll need to renew your boundaries on a regular basis, so the workshop will be recorded and available for download as an MP3, so that you can listen again and again, until this new skill becomes a habit.

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About Alix

Hi! I’m Alix. I'm an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need.

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