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No Such Thing as a Codependent Angel

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow we’ve come to think of angels as rescuers. Makes sense, doesn’t it? There’s something so magical about the idea of being rescued. We want to believe in that perfect prescription drug, in the promise of Pretty Woman.

And so many of us love to rescue others, don’t we? We try to rescue our friends, our children, our dogs, our lovers. So it’s not surprising that, if we’re open to the divine, we want Source or the angels to swoop down and rescue us. I hear things like:

I just need one good lottery ticket to pay off my debt.

That statement carries with it an energy of wanting a magical quick fix for our problems, doesn’t it?

Even the word “manifest” promotes this subtle passivity. As a verb, to manifest simply means to reveal or to show. As if the money was already there and all we had to do was to get the angels to reveal it. And so, if we’re intent on “manifesting” a certain amount of money, we might spend a lot of time meditating on it, visualizing it, trying to wiggle ourselves into the exactly right configuration so that thousands of dollars will rain down from the sky.

Yeah, no. Doesn’t work like that.

You see, 99 out of a hundred times, Source has no interest in rescuing us. Source doesn’t want us passively sitting on our tushes, waiting for the sky to open up and rain down dollars on our heads. Source doesn’t even want us running around taking action, trying through those actions to push just the right lever to, you got it, cause the sky to open up and rain down dollars on our heads.

There’s only one reason for a miracle, as far as I can see, and that’s to build our belief in Source, in the wide open spaces of infinite possibility. And as a culture, we’ve really done that in a big way in recent years. So much so, in fact, that we now want and expect everyday miracles.  But Source has another path for us.

The journey of the collective right now is not the journey of pie-in-the-sky mega-miracles. It’s a journey of growth. Source, and its messengers the angels, wants us to grow. They’re here, in fact, to help us grow. They want to help us grow into our power as human-divine beings who partner with Source to cocreate their lives.

To cocreate means to create jointly. Feel the difference?

And the angels are all about cocreation. If we do our share of the work, the angels often meet us more than halfway. While the angels are unlikely to send you a winning lottery ticket, for example, they are perfectly willing to send a few clients your way when you have been working hard to embody the value of your healing work.

Source rewards growth, and angels are nothing more or less than the messengers of Source.

It’s that simple.

Oh, sure, every now and then we manage to pull the cosmic emergency lever, and we might get a tiny miracle or two. But relying on that emergency lever is like trying to support yourself by playing the slots—a lot of stress for an occasional payoff.  In contrast, true wealth and wellness comes in proportion to the healing work we are ready to do. If we are willing to partner with Source to grow ourselves up, there is no limit to what we might receive. But if we are waiting to be rescued, we’re likely to wait a very long time indeed.

There’s no such thing as a codependent angel. So ante up your own committment and courage, and cocreate the life you want. The angels will be with you every step of the way.

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