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Is Your Website Working for You? Avoid this Common Mistake

You’re a healer.

You’re here to help your clients transform their lives in some amazing and power-filled ways. And so, like any entrepreneur, you have a website.

Urrrrrk! That’s the sound of the whole soul train coming to a screeching, ear-splitting, rail-jumping stop.

Because most healers get their websites wrong. (Even when they’re trying so hard to get them right!)

I knew this, I really did. But when a client reached out to me this morning with a question about her website, I saw this truth all over again. And then I looked at a friend’s website, one I helped create, and I cringed. And then I checked my own website, and there it was, staring me in the face.

The classic mistake.

Out of four websites I looked at, three flunked a  very simple test. And if your website is not attracting clients for you, then this just might be the article you need to read.

Okay, here’s the simple question every soulpreneur needs to answer:

Who is your website for, anyway?

Yeah, it’s not for you. But so many healers create a website that resonates deeply for them, while possibly not speaking at all to their clients.

Take a look at your website and pay attention to this one simple thing.

Does your website’s home page focus on your client, or does it tell your story and describe how you work?

How many times does your home page use the word “you?”

Or do you see mostly  the word “I?”

I know lots of healers, fellow lightworkers who are committed to bringing their gifts forward to support their clients and the planet. And most healers, especially those that work at a soul level, are amazed by their own soul journey. Intuitives are often  awed and grateful that they can hear angels, use their hands to heal, or see images with their third eye.

I admit, accessing your connection to the other real world is a life-changing thing. It’s cooler than cool. I understand why we all want to talk, write, and share about our awakenings.

But there’s that pesky question again.

Who is your website for, anyway?

Michael Hyatt put it best when he said that our clients are tuned in to WIIFM all day, every day. Don’t know that radio station? WIIFM—What’s In It For Me Radio.

All that stuff about your journey, your clairvoyance, the moment the angels first spoke to you? It belongs on your “About” page. Or some of it does. Less is more here, for sure, no matter how cool your journey was.

Your home page should be like chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne on ice, and a fluffy hotel bathrobe—something that wraps your client in caring, comfort, or bliss as soon as they open the door.

Your clients should land on your home page and say, “Yes! I want that!” or, “Ahhhh, finally.”

I’m sure the angels and I will have more to say on this topic in the days to come. But for now, we invite you to head on over to your healing website and notice whether the home page is about your client and his or her journey, or whether it’s a thinly-disguised journal of your personal and spiritual growth.

And then, before you start rewriting, take a moment to drop a comment below this post, or email me privately ( and let me know what you learned and what, if anything, you need to change.

I’ll be tweaking my own home page, but I always have time to chat.

Many blessings,


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