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Is Your Tagline Working for You?

A tagline should be easy for your clients to pick up and hold

A tagline should be easy for your clients to pick up and hold

In the last five years, I’ve had six websites and more than two dozen taglines for those websites.

Each time I shifted to a new website, I thought, “Now I’ve got it! This is what I am here to do!” And each time, I lived with the new label until it, too, started to chafe, and then I’d change it—again.

I watch my clients and colleagues do exactly the same thing. Let’s face it, we’re all here to serve, and it takes years, sometimes, for us to grasp, let alone describe, our wisdom and our work. So our websites and taglines change as we understand and embody the scope of the healing work we’re here to do.

Healers are often amazed at how our lives change as we embrace our power and our light, and so we tend to use words like empowerment and transformation to describe our work.

The problem is, those words may mean something for us lightworkers, but they can be hard for our clients to grasp. Can you really pick up and snuggle a lapful of transformation? Isn’t healing for people who are sick?

I’ve recently come to realize that  while we, the lightworkers and practitioners, really “get” some of these concepts, our clients often don’t.

And so I looked around for a way to describe what I do that is easy for my clients to pick up and hold.

My old tagline very poetically was: Be healed. Be winged. Be fully in service.

Ummm, yeah.

My current tagline: Helping healers earn what their work is worth.

Better, huh? My work hasn’t changed, I just found the snuggly puppy factor my previous tagline was missing. And when I stand up and introduce myself at the next networking meeting, I’m pretty sure the audience will, finally, know exactly what it is I can offer them.

And that’s the whole purpose of taglines, remember? Taglines instantly show your prospective clients the benefits of working with you.

Your tagline should be as magnetic as a small puppy. It should produce an immediate, heartfelt, “I want that!” response from prospective clients. And if it doesn’t, that person probably doesn’t need your services.

(Or your tagline sucks, and clients don’t really know what you’re offering, which is exactly what this article is trying to help you avoid.)

Tips for Creating a Powerful Tagline

  • Use simple, concrete words; avoid jargon (Michael Hyatt’s tagline is Win at work. Succeed at life.)
  • Begin with a verb or a gerund
  • Focus on how the client benefits from working with you–how will your work help them?
  • Avoid describing the modalities you use!
  • Keep it short–six to eight words, max
  • Use emotionally magnetic language

Start tuning in to the taglines you hear on television or the ones you see on the internet. Notice when your response is I want that!, or,  That’s exactly what I need! Then try to describe what you do in a way that evokes that response in your clients.

Please note–I am not in any way suggesting that you “fake it,” or pretend to offer something you don’t. You have to be able to deliver exactly what your tagline promises, otherwise you’re not in integrity, you’re scamming.

More About Modalities

One quick point about modalities–if you’re a massage therapist, an energy healer, or a psychic, the modalities you use are part of your brand. So they’ll need to be on your website somewhere pretty obvious. Try putting them in your bio instead of your tagline. Here’s mine as an example.

Hi! I’m Alix. I’m a soul healer and a channel for the Archangels. I help lightworkers earn what their work is worth, so that they can be fully in service to the planet and have the bank account to prove it!

Note that I use my modalities to support the benefits I offer my clients. Modalities are the how behind the what of your work.

(Your desire to light the way to the new earth?  That’s your why. It illuminates everything you do, but it’s not really what your clients care about.)

What About Your Tagline?

So what about your website’s tagline? Do you think it reflects what you do in a way that your clients can pick up and hold  as easily as they could pick up the adorable puppy in the picture above? Perhaps your tagline is not solid because you’re still struggling to describe that special thing you do. Or maybe you’re not sure how effective your tagline is.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments. Take a minute and share your tagline in a comment below. Or share a link to your website, and I’ll give you my opinion.

And if you need a little one-on-one help to create a website that reflects what you do in a client-centered way, I’m always here to help.



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