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How to Partner with Source to Cocreate the Love You Want

If you have the money, you can walk into Walmart and buy six quarts of ice cream and go home and eat as many of them as you want to while sitting on the couch in your sweats watching your favorite movies that you’ve seen a million times. The store doesn’t care, the couch doesn’t care, the dog is happy to have your company—and maybe some ice cream if you bought any vanilla.

Source is Not Santa Claus

But Source is not Walmart.

Source holds your highest good for you, even when you don’t hold it for yourself.

And so if you want Source to partner with you to help you cocreate the life you want, you need to understand how Source works, and what Source needs from you in return.

Many people think of Source like a lottery ticket, or a giant benefactor dispensing favors and money. Kind of like Walmart if you didn’t have to pay for anything  you took. But Source is not a giant free store. Source is a partner, working with you to create a successful life. Source, and its messengers the angels, are not supposed to rescue you, they’re supposed to help you, and there’s a very big difference between the two dynamics.

Are you looking for a lover, an intimate relationship? Then keep reading, because I’m going to show you how to effectively partner with Source to call in the new partner you’ve been asking for.

What Does it Mean to Partner with Source?

So how do you partner with Source and the angels to cocreate a loving intimate relationship?

Just like you cocreate anything with Source: You become the thing you wish to have.

Let’s take a step back.

I want to ask you a very important question.

Why do you want a lover or life partner?

Are you lonely?

Are you scared?

Are you struggling to make ends meet and hoping to meet someone who’ll pay some or even all of the bills?

Are you uncomfortable being alone in your own company?

Do you feel ashamed of being single?

Do you long for sexual pleasure with a loved partner?

So let me phrase this another way:

You’re looking for a lover who is brave, competent, financially secure, self-confident, passionate, and fun to be around. And while you’re looking for said lover, you’re feeling scared, lonely, ashamed, broke, randy, and maybe, with all that ice cream, fat?

In that scenario, the only overlap is in the area of sexual desire. You are feeling sexual, and looking for a partner who wants sex. It’s likely you will find him or her. Probably you already have, in a number of past relationships.

But what about the playful, gregarious, upbeat, attractive, well-to-do partner you were looking for? It’s unlikely you’ll attract someone with those characteristics, or, if you do, you’ll spend a lot of time feeling insecure around them.

You absolutely deserve that fabulous partner, however, and I fully believe you can attract him or her—as soon as you don’t need them. You see, the surest way to attract the love you want is to love yourself first, desire yourself first, be the kind of person you can fall in love with first, and then look for the lover second.

And none of us become secure, wealthy, funny, and passionate by sitting at home sharing a pint of ice cream with the dog.

I know you’ve heard this kind of advice before. But maybe there was a little part of you that wanted to do it the easy way, to take a short cut past all the hard work and just get the angels to send you the new boyfriend—and maybe the winning lottery ticket while they’re at it.

I really wish it worked that way! But it doesn’t.

So here’s the advice the angels and I have for you. We invite you to make a list of all of the reasons you want a partner. A really, really honest list. We promise you don’t have to show it to anyone except yourself. And then look at the list and be honest with yourself again. Which of those qualities do you already have, and which are you still working on?

And then we invite you to take a deep breath, and commit to becoming your own partner. Commit to desiring yourself, taking care of yourself, loving yourself, providing for yourself, losing weight with yourself, going on vacation with yourself—whatever you’ve been longing for that lover to do with or for you.

If you’ve been feeling lonely, that’s a no-brainer. Focus on creating a circle of true friends.

If you’ve been feeling sexual, pleasure yourself.

If you’re feeling financially insecure, start looking for a new job.

If you don’t feel lovable, work on your worthiness.

If you don’t like to be alone, decide that this is the year you’ll learn to be comfortable in your own company. You could start by learning to meditate.

Because if you don’t do your healing work, you’ll just attract another lover like the last one, and you don’t want that, do you?

Change is hard. I know. I’m walking the path right alongside you. You will need a teacher, therapist, BFF, coach, or all of the above. If you’re ready to change, the angels and I are happy to help you. And once you commit to doing your own healing work, the angels will meet you halfway, or sometimes better. They want you to succeed, and the more you tackle your own healing, the more they send you those tiny miracles and blessings.

Here’s to your amazing life—and the life partner you’re going to be worthy of, just as soon as you get up off that couch!

Many blessings,

Alix & the Archangels

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