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How to Notice Your Destiny

I got it - not you

What’s your life purpose?

What are you here to do in this lifetime?

Do you wonder about that? Meditate about it? Ask psychics about it?

I did, for many years. I kept asking and asking, “Who am I? What am I here to do?”

And the answers came, one by one, and I didn’t recognize them.


That’s right.

The universe kept answering my questions, but the answers didn’t fit neatly into the logical framework of my life, so I didn’t quite believe them.

Most of all, I didn’t feel qualified to be the person the answers were pointing to. I didn’t feel worthy of my life purpose. Crazy, huh? The angels said. “Here’s what you are here to do and be,” and I said “But I’m not good enough!”

(That whole “not good enough” is an energy I’ve written about before, and I’m sure I’ll write about it again, but for today let’s stay focused on the conversation about purpose.)

So now I’m there. I’ve arrived. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what my mission on this planet is, and I’m becoming convinced I can do it. And so I want to unpack for you the process of paying attention to your destiny. I want to help you notice the clues the angels are leaving for you. And I want to help you claim it when  you do see it, so that you stop walking right past the sign that says Your Life Purpose Is . . .

And I’m curious! So if this article helps you find clarity about your purpose, won’t you drop me a note in the comment section below, or email me at and share your insight? We can cheer each other on! Because earth needs the wisdom of all her children.

4 Ways to Notice Your Destiny

Here are four ways the universe is talking to you about who you are and what you are here to do to serve the planet.

Notice what you struggle to heal.

Your biggest problems are part of your destiny.

What do you need to heal? What aspects of your life are you constantly struggling with? Do you struggle with physical illnesses? Do you struggle to pay your bills? Are you nauseous with fear in certain areas of your life? Are you deeply insecure and uncertain  of your own worth? Do you long for a healthy relationship? Are you unemployed and desperate to find a job? Are you facing bankruptcy?

Looking consciously at your struggles is a good place to begin to consider your destiny, as we are all here to learn what we are supposed to teach.

Personally, I’ve healed a great deal of unevolved ego energy, which means I’ve calmed down both my arrogance and my deep insecurity and need to be appreciated by others. I’m continually healing my fear of being visible. (Gotta be visible to be successful, right?) And I’m currently working on healing my relationship to money. So I’m really effective at helping other lightworkers heal their egos, release their fear of inadequacy, and shift their bank accounts. Been there, done that.

Make a list of those places in your life where you struggle the most.  I guarantee that clues to your destiny are hiding in that list!

Notice what makes your soul jealous

Envy is your soul’s recognition of something you are supposed to do or have, that you have not accomplished yet.

Let that sink in.

Something you are supposed to do.

Something you are supposed to be.

A road map, so to speak, to your future. That thing you envy, it will be yours one day. It’s supposed to be yours.  Envy is a promise and a predictor of what you will have. Let’s explore how that works.

Take a moment and think of a time when you experienced a strong yearning for something someone else had. Did you envy his robust physical strength?  Or her calm parenting style?

I remember when I first heard Doreen Virtue talk about lightworkers. Every fiber of my being resonated with that word. I wanted to be a lightworker, desperately, but at the time I didn’t think I was. The same thing happened when I heard Doreen tell another person, “You’re a healer.” I remember exactly where I was, driving down a street near my house. I wanted to claim the word healer for myself. At the time I felt such intense longing to be a healer and a lightworker, I had no idea that I already was those things, that those parts of me were already there just waiting to be recognized and acted upon.

As you read these words, you may already be remembering some occasions when you felt this kind of deep yearning. Pay attention to those memories, and to feelings of deep longing or envy if you experience them in the future. Consider those moments as signposts to the person you can become if you choose to act on your desires.

If you identify some moments of soul envy, add them to your list.

Listen to the tiny, illogical voice within

There was a period in my life when I was walking around asking myself the same question over and over. I wanted to know what I was here to teach. I wanted to know what that special thing, that genius thing, was that I knew that other people didn’t, and that I was here to teach the world.

I remember thinking to myself six or seven years ago, “I know about energy. I know how energy works.” For a while I had a dog training business, and my slogan was, “Change your energy, change your life!” I was using that philosophy to help people change their dogs! I knew that I knew something about how life worked beneath the surface, but it was still a murky awareness and one that I couldn’t yet act on. (Except with dogs>.)

Around the same time, I was just learning the method of grounding meditation that I teach today. I found this practice so transformational that I thought to myself, “I’m passionate about meditation. I’d be happy just teaching people how to meditate.” But I didn’t see how to do that, so I let it drop.

What is your tiny voice telling you? I know that you have a little voice whispering to you, “You know how to do this! You have this wisdom!”

And it’s likely that you aren’t quite sure how to capitalize on that small knowing. But start by allowing yourself to hear it, even if you don’t know how to act on it.

What vague whispers have you been ignoring? Add them to your list.

Believe the words you get

Spirit told me what I was here to do years ago. I received this words: I am here to be a beacon, a witness, and a bridge for others on their journey to the new earth. I believed those words when I received them, but for a long time I couldn’t see how to take action on them. I taught spirituality and creativity, all the while wondering how woo was too woo, how “out there” should I be, and what was up with that new earth mission anyway?

Here I am, a few years later, knowing that those words were true, and that I am here to be the wooest of the woo. But it took me some time to make sense of what I was given, some time to live into the purpose I was shown.

What messages are you getting that you can’t see how to implement? Add them to your list.

Travel in uncertainty

So here’s the tricky part. All of these clues arrive over time, and we have to keep moving forward with our paths even while we are putting together the puzzle. This requires that we become comfortable with taking action in the middle of a fog. Even when we can’t see the end of the road, even when the big picture is still out of focus, we can always see the next step or two in front of us. It takes courage to move forward, one step at a time, into a misty future. These thoughts might help:

  • Nothing we do is ever wasted—all the puzzle pieces get used eventually!
  • We have to grow ourselves up into our destinies, we’re not ready for them yet
  • All we have to do is stay connected to Spirit and take the next step
  • There is no wrong direction—all roads lead to growth

There is no finish line

I actually find it comforting to know that the journey is never really done. The more we learn, heal, and grow, the more we stand on the top of a mountain and look up to the next peak. And as humans, we keep climbing from lifetime to lifetime!

The challenges do change, however. Perhaps now you are struggling to find your purpose, but in a few years you might be struggling to accept success and burst all of your myths about how much success you can handle.

It’s only been a little more than six months since the archangels started talking to me. I know now that I’m here to channel them—to speak for them to others who cannot yet hear clearly for themselves. And yes, I am here to support the journey of the collective as we move forward to the new earth. Before September 4, 2015, I had no concept that being an angel medium was part of my path. I had no clue that I was here to be a lightworker’s lightworker. But as I look back, the clues were all there.

I am a lightworker—in fact, all my clients are lightworkers!

I am a healer—a soul healer.

The angels have told me that I am one of the strongest clairsensory talents on the planet, that I will be the female Wayne Dyer. Guess what? I think I finally believe them—with just a sprinkling of unhealed ego energy on top.

What is Spirit telling you you’re going to be when you grow up?

Drop me a comment and share—and I’ll help you believe in it!

All my love,


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