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How Success Works: Who’s More Powerful–You, or the Angels?

I had an epiphany last night.

Somewhere between taxes and the laundry, I was hit by a thunderbolt of insight so powerful that it blew through my mind and settled  into my core with a conviction so strong that I had to share it with someone. It was rather late, but I immediately texted my BFF.

I said

I am going to f**king do this. This business. I have the drive, I have the passion, I have the expertise, I have the intuition, and I have the courage. I am simply just going to do this.

I asked my friend to witness my intention, which she did.  And then I went back to folding my laundry, carrying with me an entirely new understanding of how the world works, of how success works.

Like many of you, I stand between two worlds—the world of the ordinary human, and the miraculous world of the divine. Every human being owns these two worlds—it’s our birthright. And yet, most of us only learn about our human selves in school, leaving us struggling to get educated about the true nature of the divine.

I’m lucky—I’ve been talking directly with the angels, Jesus, and Mother/Father God for years now. And I still didn’t understand. Until last night.

It was probably the taxes that did it. After some hours of working with my financial accounts, I remember sitting at my desk staring down at my average monthly income for 2017. I circled the number on my printed report. As I gazed at it, I didn’t really see the dollar amount. What I was focused on was that the number hadn’t changed. For eighteen months, I’ve been sitting on this plateau. Some good weeks, some not so good, but the average cash flow of my business has been stagnant, unchanging, stuck.

And then it hit me.

I Was Waiting On the Angels

There was a part of me that was sitting on my arse, as we say in Nova Scotia, waiting to be rescued. Saved. Discovered. Somewhere deep inside, where I didn’t even know it was there, a significant part of me had been waiting on the angels. Or Oprah. Or a literary agent. Waiting for someone, something, some miracle to lift me up off of my plateau and onto  the next higher level of success.

And while I was waiting, I kept wondering: Why is my business not growing fast enough? Do I need to get a day job? The answer is NO, I just need to take responsibility for my own success.

The truth is, the only person who will launch me upwards is me. This is the part I didn’t really see until last night, this is the epiphany that shook my world as I turned off the light in my home office and went down to the basement for the dryer-load of towels I needed to put away.

It’s me, and only me.

The power is mine.

I am the only one who can do this work.

Unless I own this, unless and until I stand fully in the irresistible conviction that I. Will. Grow. This. Business of mine, the angels can and will do absolutely nothing. Because what would a miracle teach me, if one landed on my lap next to the fluffy white towel I was folding?

A miracle would only teach me to wait for another miracle.

That is SO not the point.

The point is power, empowerment, otherwise known as self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence and all those great words that signal our understanding of ourselves as healed and beautiful children of god.

In this partnership called Alix & the Archangels, the angels are not the powerful ones. The angels aren’t the headliners, they are the supporting actors, the back-up singers, the stage crew. The one who holds the power is me. And as I claim that power, I free the angels to fall in line behind me, to back me up, to begin to arrange people, circumstances, and events to help my dreams come true.

But until I get it, until I step up and lead, even the angels are powerless to help me.

Do you understand? Am I making sense?

This is such an important realization. The power lies with US, puny humans that we are, and the angels are merely our household staff.

I awoke this morning still electric with this understanding.

It’s me, it’s me, it’s me.

I. Have. The. Power. to slingshot myself off of this plateau and into greater visibility and success. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that next year, when I sit down to sort out 2018’s taxes, I’ll be looking at a very different number.

It’s not the money I’m really after, just to be clear. That’s only a part of it. What I want is to stand in the fullness of my life’s purpose, to do this work I prepared for through so many lifetimes, to reach and teach those souls who are willing to learn from me.

So angels, please witness me.

I’m going to f**king do this.

Just watch me.

Oh yeah, my purpose is to help you and other highly conscious ones step fully into your success and soul purpose. There are no coincidences, eh?

Agree, disagree, laugh, cry, argue, or comment below, or email me at

And remember–YOU have the power, too. Who’s with me?

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