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Hey! The Angels are Talking to You!

Female Climber

“Is it true the angels don’t help you unless you ask them?” the woman on my left wanted to know.

“Don’t know.” I replied. “I’ll ask them.”

I closed my eyes and immediately saw angels rolling on the floor peeing their pants laughing. Yeah. They do that. At least when they’re talking to me.

“They say it depends,” I reported back. “It’s different for different people, but in general, the more conscious you are, the more you have to actually ask them for their help.”

I earn my living talking to angels. I thought nothing of this exchange and went back to my lunch.

“I’ve been told my angels are bored because I never ask them for help,” another woman commented. “Would you agree?”

I closed my eyes and checked in with her angels. They showed me an image of someone climbing the face of a mountain, holding on by her fingers and toes as climbers do, while the angels waited patiently to her left, ready and willing to boost her up the mountain if she just reached out her hand for help.

I shared that insight, and went back to my lunch.

Later that same day, I was talking to a lovely healer about the poverty consciousness among lightworkers. It’s part of the “crystal ceiling” that prevents us from being fully in service to our clients and the planet, and it’s my mission to help change that.

“Yeah,” the healer agreed. “ I tell people, if you can manifest ten dollars then you can manifest a hundred dollars. And if you can manifest a hundred dollars, then you can manifest a thousand dollars.”

We talked some more. I bought a lovely crystal from him, and headed home.

Halfway home (it was a long drive), a friend called—hands-free of course—and shared her latest thinking about her business model and the income she expects to make this year from her work as an intuitive. I liked her math—she projected out what a full week would look like, and then a full month, and then she backed out taxes and the number still looked good.

It’s not more than I expect my business to earn, but it is more than I expect my business to earn this month. Because these things take time, right?

It’s not until I’m making dinner at the end of this long, enjoyable day that it hits me.

It was for me.

The reminder to ask the angels for help.

The vision of a few extra commas in my bank balance.

The vision of a full client roster, and the dollar amount that goes with it.

The angels rolling on the floor peeing their pants with laughter.

It was all about me.

Oh, sure, it was for them, too, those women I was talking to.

But also for me. Psychic readings work that way, you know.  My teacher always said, “Give a reading, get a reading.”

Four people, four different conversations, all in the space of a few hours. For me. Because I, the great professional angel talker, was apparently not hearing my angels. And so they brought together a cast of characters, sent me off to spend a lovely day in a town I’d never visited before, and showed me and showed me and showed me.

“ASK,” they said. “Ask for more.”

And so, feeling humble, I did. There’s a new number on my office white board. I wrote “Angels, I’m asking!”

And then I wrote down that financial projection with the commas in it.

I bet my angels are kicking back with a cold beer, talking about the rough day they had at work.

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Hi! I’m Alix. I'm an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need.

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  1. I love it Alix! Thank you for your sharing your wisdom in so many ways. And…as I’m reading this I got the spine tingles I get when I know truth has spoken. And you know why…

  2. Susan Schluederberg

    I love it – being there when most of this happened- for the good of ALL. Thanks Alix. It is fun hanging out with you. ( I bet the Angels say that, too.)

  3. I love it, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with Susan — fun to see how many pieces played out over the hours we shared, and later! Love how the work is so often a mirror for ourselves. ; ) Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom. They are inspiring!

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