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Grounding Meditation: Which Class is Best for You?

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Interested in learning the grounding meditation method that is the basis of everything I do, but not sure what your next step is? (If you missed my discussion of the benefits of this meditation style you can read it here.)

My students often ask me whether they should take the three-week self-paced course Opening to the Blessings, or whether they should just get Module Five of the Money & Soul series.  Both classes are beneficial, but they have different goals and different intended audiences. In this brief article I’ll lay out the similarities and differences and help you decide which next step is right for you. And at the end of this article, I’ll make you a promise that should make it very easy for you to decide.

Opening to the Blessings

Blessings is a three-week course designed to help you learn the grounding meditation style that I teach. It is designed for beginners–for those people who want to learn to meditate but who haven’t yet created the  solid habit of a daily spiritual practice.

Blessings starts by helping you set up a sacred space in your home. It helps you build the habit of daily meditation by starting with just a few moments of silence each day. After establishing this necessary foundation, other lessons teach you the basic tools of grounding meditation. By the end of the course, you should be in the habit of meditating for twenty minutes each day, and you should be beginning to hear your angels and spirit guides. I’ll be available via email throughout the course, to help you problem solve and to cheer you on!

If you already have a daily meditation practice, and if you are already hearing your guides and angels, this class might be too elementary for you.

Money & Soul Module Five: Meditation

Module Five is a three-part module that teaches you the grounding meditation process. In Part One, you learn what grounding is and why it is so important. In Part Two, you learn the basic grounding meditation process, and in Part Three you learn some additional energy tools to use when you are in the meditation space.

This module is designed for those who already have a meditation practice, or who may have had one in the past, and who want to learn this particular meditation style. This class is also beneficial for anyone who wants to do more advanced Soul Tools work with me, since literally everything I do starts with this practice.

My clients are always welcome to contact me via email at alix@ I will do my best to answer your questions and sort out any issues you are having as you work with my products. That said, Module Five is not the supportive environment that Blessings is. I won’t check in with you to see how things are going, I’ll wait for you to tell me you need help.

So if you already have a daily spiritual practice and if you already connect with the wisdom of Spirit, this informational module may be all you need to add some new tools to your energy tool box. But if you are new to meditation, or haven’t been too successful with it in the past, you might be better off with the more supportive environment of Blessings.

Purchase the Class that’s Best for You

Money & Soul Module 5: Meditation
Money & Soul Module 5: Meditation
This three-part module teaches you the simple, powerful process of grounding meditation. Learn why to meditate, how to do it, and how to use simple meditation tools to change your energy and your life. Available now.
Opening to the Blessings
Opening to the Blessings
Designed for beginning meditators, Blessings teaches you how to meditate, talk with angels, and embody your higher self.
SW 101 Course plus 1-on-1 Bundle
SW 101 Course plus 1-on-1 Bundle
SW 101 3-week course plus a Soul Truth Session (60 minutes of one-on-one reading and healing)--at a very significant discount!

Let’s Make it Easy to Choose

Truly, there is no such thing as a wrong choice, but I do want to make it easy for you to access my material in the best way for your journey. So if you pick one of these two programs and then decide you picked the wrong option, just drop me an email at and I’ll switch you to the other option. I’ll either refund you or bill you for the cost difference.

See you in the meditation space!


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