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Grounding Meditation: The Missing Peace

Calm vs Panic

To be able to be still. Completely at rest.

To be able to relax fully, body and mind.

To let go of worry; to breathe through pain.

To let go of anger, fear, and shame.

To know in your bones that you are enough.

Good enough.

Loved enough.

Lovable enough.

Strong enough.


That’s what grounding meditation does for me, and for my students who embrace this practice. And actually, that list is just the beginning. At the risk of sounding like late night television, there’s more. Grounding meditation teaches us

To touch that place within where god lives, where our divinity melds with our human flesh.

To walk through the gateway into the other real world.

To accept the gifts of our higher senses.

To find our inner wisdom, that divine GPS that speaks truth even in chaos.

To know.

To be awake.

Grounding meditation is where it all starts—it it is that place where we can consciously choose peace, embrace personal power, learn from our non-physical guides and teachers.

Sounds like a big claim. Truly, I can make no promises, because your journey is up to you and how you choose to walk it. I can tell you this practice changed my life. My awakening started here, with both feet flat on the floor and my eyes closed. It started with some simple meditation tools and a commitment to my own path. And now I’m here to teach this process to others, so that together we may heal ourselves, our future, and our planet.

Won’t you join me?

Ready to get started? In the next article, I’ll share some of the classes I have created to help you learn this amazingly simple, immensely powerful process.

See you in the other real world!



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Hi! I’m Alix. I'm an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need.

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