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Go Ahead, Blow Your Own Horn! Here’s Why You Should

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Not to blow my own horn, but . . .”

It’s funny how we often feel the need to apologize for mentioning our accomplishments. And yet, it’s actually very important that we speak about our successes, and it doesn’t mean we’re being boastful or arrogant if we do so.

I was thinking about this  as I sat in meditation this morning. You see, I’ve just done something I’m really proud of. I dealt with my taxes!  Not only do I do them myself, using Quicken and TurboTax, so that I own every detail of my own financial situation, but I dealt this year with a tax bill that was almost as big as my business income. I walked through the fear, the shame, the insecurity of this tax situation, and after consuming a fair amount of ice cream, I found a solution.

It left me exhausted.  I didn’t realize how much chi it was taking to get those taxes filed, but I sure have been sleeping a lot since I did. And as I fall asleep, I think, “Wow! I did it. I did it. I did it.”

It feels really good.

You see, when we acknowledge what we accomplish, it builds our self-efficacy, our sense of ourself as someone who can overcome obstacles. If we never stop and sit in the energy of our accomplishments, we don’t get actually get the benefit of our own hard work. In this article, I’d like to share with you some of the ways you can embody your own accomplishments, beginning with admitting them to yourself.

I’m Proud of Myself Because

Many of us were taught as children that we shouldn’t boast about our accomplishments. That often leaves us feeling like we can never do enough to satisfy those voices inside our head. Instead of skating over your accomplishments and moving on to the next goal, try this simple exercise.

Take a few quiet moments to sit with a computer or a notepad. Close your eyes, and let your attention drift freely. Ask yourself, “What have I done recently that I am I proud of?” Start writing down a list of your accomplishments.

As you consider each of your accomplishments, really let them sink in. Allow yourself to feel the enormity of your success in your bones. Praise yourself, and try to receive and accept the praise.

And then, from now on, when you accomplish something big, make sure you take a few moments to acknowledge and embrace your success.

It’s Not Boasting if It’s True!

We don’t have to speak about our successes arrogantly; we can simply speak about them truthfully.

The expression, “to blow your own horn,” is defined as “to boast about one’s achievements.” Boasting carries a strong ego energy, and, like arrogance, often hides an underlying insecurity. It’s a fear of appearing egotistical or vain that prevents many of us from speaking about our accomplishments. But we don’t have to speak about our successes arrogantly; we can simply speak about them truthfully.

Being quietly truthful about our successes is confidence, not arrogance. Think about a confident person that you know. Don’t you find their confidence attractive, even magnetic? Most charismatic people are confident, not arrogant. If you don’t feel particularly self-confident, you can change that by beginning to acknowledge and speak about your success.

Let Your Friends Help You Celebrate Your Successes

One easy way to start blowing your own horn is by speaking to supportive friends who will cheer you on. Everyone needs at least one friend who will listen and then say, “Yay!  Good for you!”  Therapists are great for that, too.

When we celebrate our successes, we really embody them. So whether you celebrate by going out with friends, or simply by letting yourself turn off your phone and enjoy a great movie, or even a nap, make sure you celebrate.

Your Success is Your Foundation—Become a Bootstrapper!

The world can be a scary place, especially during times of personal and planetary change. Nothing supports our security more than our sense of ourselves as capable, confident, and successful.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps?” I’m a proud bootstrapper! I have a strong sense of myself as someone who is capable of succeeding through my own efforts, one step at a time. That sense of self-efficacy helps me when I face new challenges, like the taxes. I tell myself, “Well, you did that, so you can handle this, too.”

For example, I am really proud of myself for living alone for the past year, after more than three decades of living with significant others.  It’s been a big change, but I chose it, I handled it, and I’m really proud of myself for doing so. I reminded myself often of that accomplishment as I faced that nausea-inducing tax bill.

Blowing Your Own Horn Builds Your Self-Worth

Almost everyone I know is working on growing their self-worth, on feeling more worthy. If our self-worth is limited, it limits the love, the money, the quality of life we can have.

The angels and I want you to have it all, and it all starts with acknowledging what you have already achieved. So take a moment and drop us a note, either publicly in a comment below this post, or privately in an email ( ) and tell us what you are proud of yourself for doing.

Go ahead, blow your own horn! We’re standing by to applaud you!

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