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Come Home to Your Body—In Bliss

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This might be the single most important blog post I have ever written.

Dearly Beloveds,

That sounds so corny, but it feels so true. I feel so connected and so heart-linked to those of you I am traveling with, those who read my words and learn from my wisdom, and from whom I learn.

Dear Ones,  I am writing to you today from my heart. If there was just one thing I could teach you, out of all of the information I am blessed to share with the world, it would be this:

I would love to help you learn to come home to your own body.

Did you know, most people walk around with their spirit floating above their body like a helium balloon held on a string?

Why does it matter if your spirit is not in your body? So what?

Did you know?

When your spirit is not in your body, you have little chi, or life force energy.

When your spirit is not in your body, it’s very hard for you to experience orgasm. Great sex, luckily, brings your spirit down into your body. That’s really what you’re feeling in that post-coital afterglow—you are whole.

When your spirit is not in your body, it’s very hard for you to conceive. After all, it takes the spark of life to create life, doesn’t it?

When your spirit is not in your body, the physical acts of living become difficult. Digestion is impaired. You may experience colitis or constipation.

When your spirit is not home in your body, you may be clumsy and distracted—losing or  forgetting things or having car accidents. You may have trouble prioritizing, focusing, or taking action.

When your spirit is not home in your body, you may be tired. When I look at someone whose spirit is not home in their body, that person often appears heavy or sluggish. Their physical self is not enlivened by the light of their higher self.

When your spirit is not home in your body, you may feel a huge whole in your heart, an emptiness, a need to fill yourself with something outside of you. Really, you are just missing yourself, the divine You, and all the drugs and relationships in the world can’t compensate.

When your spirit is not home in your body, you have to go outside your body to connect to your higher self, your inner wisdom. That’s the old way of doing things, but the journey to the new earth calls for us to bring our spirits home, to walk the planet as fully awakened, fully embodied human-divine beings.

When your spirit is not home in your body, it leaves an energetic emptiness that other energies can fill—and not usually ones we want to carry around with us! Entities, or energetic squatters move in, and they hijack our emotions and siphon off our energy.

When your spirit is not home in your body, you are like a car chassis with no engine—the wheels still roll but there’s no power behind them.

You Already Know What it Feels Like to Be Human-Divine

Luckily, every single person has already had moments of being integrated and whole, moments of walking as human-divine.

Your spirit is home in your body during great sex, when you orgasm, when you are immersed in the flow of atheletic endeavors that require your complete concentration. This is what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called  flow. It’s what athletes called being “in the zone.” Musicians find this when they are playing together and everyone is in the groove. Writers find this state when inspiration strikes and the words write themselves, often for hours on end.

It’s no longer good enough to call your body home for moments of athletic or sexual bliss. The evolution of the human collective demands that we plug into this space and stay there, that we learn to walk as fully integrated human-divine beings all the time. It’s possible, it’s teachable, and it’s wonderful!

The Answer is Simple! Learn to Ground–Really Ground

So, how can you quiet your mind and power up your body with the engine of your soul? Through meditation, and not just any meditation. The grounding meditation method that I teach has the power to transform your life, because it’s a powerful tool that brings your spirit home into your physical body.

Here are three ways to explore this tool.

  1. Tapping the Well Within. It was written for writers, but it teaches the elements of grounding meditation that transformed my life and my creativity, and that have the potential to transform yours.
  2. Money & Soul Module 5: This module consists of three audio lessons and a mini-book designed to teach you the grounding meditation practice that will bring your spirit home. For sale now, the content launches on 5/5/2016.
  3. Opening to the Blessings online course. Blessings is a three-week, self-paced course designed to teach you to meditate, talk with angels, and embody your higher self. My most successful course to date, it’s been transformational for 100% of the people who have taken the course and done the work, Yeah, just paying for the course and not doing it won’t work, sorry!

If you could just learn one tool from me, this would be it. It’s a meditation practice, but it’s so much more than a tool for relaxation. It’s a gateway to the other real world, a door to your spirit. Won’t you bring your spirit home? The earth needs the wisdom of all her children.



PS No promises! I can’t promise any particular outcome from learning this style of meditation, because how you grow is really up to you, but here’s what my clients are saying about it.

Praise for Blessings

Working with Alix and the Angels has been a truly transformative experience. I find myself calmer and I can make decisions with more confidence.  The grounding meditation itself is worth the price of admission!

Beata Lorinc, Intuitive Business Strategist

OMG Alix, you weren’t kidding when you said a grounding chord is the closest thing you and the Angels have to a magic wand!

Titi Twaambo M. Sibajene, Esquire, Holistic Attorney & Nutritional Consultant

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