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The REAL Secret to Wealth and Wellness

I start each day with a cup of coffee in a silent room, sinking into meditation, finding my deep connection with my own soul, channeling the words and the wisdom of the angels. On some days, however, nothing works right. Today started like that. But it ended with the angels sharing the most powerful insight they have ever […]

This Bright Spirit Called a Dog

  Last night, Bando came back. Did I ever tell you how he died? He who was pure spirit struggled always to be anchored in the flesh. In the early days, a seer told us he might not be with us long. And in the beginning, his pain was so great his spirit lifted out […]

Time to Write Again

I begin every morning with a delicious cup of coffee, the comforting sounds of a familiar meditation cd, and the heavy weight of crystal in my lap. I open a new document on my computer, close my eyes, and wait to see what comes. This morning ritual is as cozy as the blanket that covers […]

Behind the Scenes at a Psychic Reading

Crystal balls? Dim rooms with cloth-draped tables? Big clunky jewelry and lots of eye makeup? Not so much. Hi, I’m Alix and I’m a professional psychic and angel medium. Today I’m going to take you to the office with me, and invite you behind the scenes for a typical client session, which is called a […]

Stuck in the Swamp of Soul Growth

navigating soul growth

Are you, like me, walking the soul growth road? Are you committed to embodying your own spirit, opening to your higher senses, and creating a life of abundance and joy? Are you finding that your life swings between periods of effortlessness and joy followed by unbearable stress and frustration? All humans attend the University of […]

Turn Right, Turn Left Until You Reach Your Goal

When my sister and I were young, long before the days of Game Boys and in-car navigation systems, our father entertained us during family outings with a game of “Turn Right, Turn Left.” We took turns calling out directions as Dad wound his way through the city streets. After a few minutes of random turns, we waited expectantly to […]

Gotta Goal? Follow the Threads!

What are you trying to manifest in your life? One of the most powerful processes I know for finding a new home, a new job, or even a new puppy is this one–following the threads. I originally posted this article on a previous website. Scroll down to the bottom and see a picture of puppy […]

The Purpose of Pain

light-filled egg begins to hatch

Where there is light, there is pain. We who hold the open way, we who cocreate with the gods to bring humanity into the new dawn, we are familiar with pain. And pain is and has been necessary. But the purpose of pain is not more pain. There is no biology of pain that strives […]

Highly Sensitive? The Angels Have a Message for You!

Clairsentience is the ability to feel someone else’s emotions or physical symptoms in your body. Highly sensitive people often can feel another person’s sadness or anger as if it was their own. Clairsentient, or sensitive, people also react physically to the emotions and energy of others, getting headaches, stomach aches, and nausea when they are […]

The Dog’s Dilemma: Rafi’s Story

Dog Rafi and Calf Kefi

(As told to me by the Archangels.) Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a powerful shaman. He was of the bear tribe and he walked the earth sometimes as a man and other times as a huge silver bear. Whichever cloak he was wearing wrapped around his spirit, he […]

Personal Growth–the Missing Piece! Two Free Webinars

You have a goal. But the goal is not what you’re really working on. And that’s why your New Year’s resolution is likely to fail. That goal you have, it’s like a tree growing up through the middle of your dining room. You can see it, and you really need to shift it. But you’re […]

The Energy of Free: The Archangels Talk Business

If you’re a lightworker with a product- or service-based light business, chances are you’re doing free wrong. By that, I mean that you aren’t finding the sweet spot between too much and too little free stuff. Offering free samples of your work is important, but offering too much of yourself for free has huge negative […]

What is Soul Healing?

Hi! I’m Alix Moore, and I work with the Archangels. More precisely, they work through me. Here they are now, and they want to talk about healing. The Archangels: One of the things we are here to do together is to change the definition of healing. When we use the word healing, many people might […]

More Soul School Coming Soon!

It’s official! The next section of Soul Work 101: Opening to the Blessings starts Wednesday, January 6, 2016. More details here! Still 3 weeks for $137 Current students who want to take it again and go deeper may do so for only $87 I’m excited to tell you that Soul Work 102: Foundations of Soul Healing is […]

Grounding: What Every Lightworker Needs to Know

Grounding is the closest thing to a magic wand that we have to offer you! So say the Archangels, and they should know! I, Alix, know that when I learned to use a grounding meditation, it changed everything about my creativity, my power, my life. However, I’ve only recently come to understand why grounding is […]

The Angels Talk to Soul Teachers

The Archangels say: If you are a lightworker, a Bright One, and your job is to teach others to claim their light, then you must step free of many preconceived notions in order to do your job successfully. If you cannot break these chains, you will struggle! First, you need to be cleared. You need […]

Words of Truth from Archangel Gabriel

A conversation with Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel: Those who are awake on the planet are aware that there is a great shift happening. For mankind is learning a new definition of the word real and a new definition of reality and of physical reality and even of the nature of god and the angels. There is […]

Welcome to the Other Real World!

Did you miss the webinar? It was amazing! But no worries. Here’s the link to the replay! And the angels say It’s time. It’s time to become the person you were meant to be. Do you live with fear? It’s time to release it. Are you intuitive? Your psychic powers are far greater than you […]


Each morning begins with the scent of coffee, the wet nose of my dog, and this quiet space I call my studio . This is the place where I meet with angels. This is the place where I remember who I am. This is the place where I invite you to journey with me into the future […]