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Why Your Life Matters to the Angels MYL0004

What’s your life purpose? How are you here to contribute to the planet? Helping the world requires that we first help ourselves. The truth is, highly conscious humans have two life purposes–a personal one, and a planetary one. Join Alix as she shares angel insights about life purpose, and the importance of doing our personal […]

How Success Works: Who’s More Powerful–You, or the Angels?

I had an epiphany last night. Somewhere between taxes and the laundry, I was hit by a thunderbolt of insight so powerful that it blew through my mind and settled  into my core with a conviction so strong that I had to share it with someone. It was rather late, but I immediately texted my […]

What’s Your Life Purpose? MYL0003

What’s your life purpose? Have you been searching for a clear understanding of why you are here? In this episode, Alix shares the surprising information that the angels and the divine masculine/divine feminine have taught her about soul purpose. This episode includes the end of Chapter One–a discussion of the importance of wishing, and what […]

The Blessing of Compassion—for Yourself

I’m feeling a little bruised this morning. Not physically bruised, but emotionally bruised. Psychically bruised. Even perhaps spiritually bruised. Those of you who know me might be a bit surprised to hear this, as I am usually positive, optimistic, full of unshakable faith and hope.  That joyful self is me, but this bruised self is […]

The Power of Wanting MYL0002

Before you can cocreate the life of your dreams, you must begin by connecting with the transformational power of your own desire. What do you want? Use the exercises in this episode to tune into your dreams and desires. Follow the guided meditation to have a conversation with your physical body and hear what it […]

Becoming Human-Divine MYL0001

Welcome to Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix & the Archangels, the podcast on becoming a human-divine being. I couldn’t wait to share with you the information that the archangels and I are collaborating on in my forthcoming book, Becoming Human-Divine: The No BS Guide to Loving Yourself into Your Amazing Life, so I decided […]

What Code Do You Live By?

I recently had a really bad experience. The kind of experience where life just pretty much entirely sucks for a period of several weeks, and the temptation is to walk around doing nothing but beating myself up for having made such a serious error in judgment. It was a truly dark moment in my life, […]

NEW!! Monthly Packages

A Month of Angels A 4-week package at a significant discount. You and I and the Archangels will meet once a week for 4 sessions to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals. Each session is 45 minutes, over the phone, and recorded. Time of session is flexible. $400/month (3 hours of time, value $600) VIP Angel […]

Go Ahead, Blow Your Own Horn! Here’s Why You Should

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Not to blow my own horn, but . . .” It’s funny how we often feel the need to apologize for mentioning our accomplishments. And yet, it’s actually very important that we speak about our successes, and it doesn’t mean we’re being boastful or arrogant if we do so. […]

Ride the Fear

Angels, I am afraid. I sit with the fear and I see. This is me, breaking free. This is me, like the baby plant pushing against the surface of the soil, straining to break free. This is me, breaking free from a relationship that tied me down, broke my heart, shouldered me with responsibilities I only […]

How to Partner with Source to Cocreate the Love You Want

If you have the money, you can walk into Walmart and buy six quarts of ice cream and go home and eat as many of them as you want to while sitting on the couch in your sweats watching your favorite movies that you’ve seen a million times. The store doesn’t care, the couch doesn’t […]

What if We Decide to Stand for Joy?

What if 357,233,212 Americans woke up tomorrow and got out of bed and sat down at the kitchen table to eat their Cheerios, and read something in the paper about intolerance, or cruelty, or racism, or corruption, and what if all 357,233,212 of us simultaneously stood up, put the paper in the recycle bin, dumped […]

No Such Thing as a Codependent Angel

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow we’ve come to think of angels as rescuers. Makes sense, doesn’t it? There’s something so magical about the idea of being rescued. We want to believe in that perfect prescription drug, in the promise of Pretty Woman. And so many of us love to rescue others, […]

Does Your Bank Account Have Your Back?

What would it be like to have your bank account be a complete non-issue in your life? What would it be like to be able to focus outward on the things you want to do, places you want to live or visit, people you want to love or serve, and to know that behind you, […]

Un-Niche Yourself! You Never Really Fit in There Anyway, Did You?

Do You Have to Have a Niche to Be Successful? I’m an energy healer, a spiritual teacher, a psychic, a channel for the archangels, an intuitive business coach, a poet and an author. Oh yeah, I also train dogs, and I’ve recently discovered a calling for hospital and hospice work with the angels. I specialize […]

Who Are You Responsible For?

Twenty Open Lines Can you imagine sitting at your desk at work, with twenty phones piled on your desk, each one connected to a live conversation at the other end of the phone line? In this nightmare scenario, you aren’t actually trying to talk to any of those twenty people, but they are trying to […]

Strong, Safe, and Well—An Online Healing Workshop On Energetic Boundaries

Always tired? Does someone else’s bad mood ruin your day? Are you highly sensitive and find being in crowds of people exhausting, even when the event is something you enjoy? Most people live and sleep inside of houses, but have no idea that their personal energy space is completely unsheltered and unprotected. Come learn how […]

The Archangels Debunk Fear

Good Morning, Dear Ones. It is us, your divine angel friends and teachers. We have asked Alix to write for us today because we know that there is so much swirling energy on the planet right now. And one huge part of that chaotic energy is fear, and it’s fear we want to teach you […]

The Opposite of Hate: Election Advice from the Angels

No sooner do I close my eyes for this morning’s meditation than I see her. She is radiant. She is the angel of judgment. “Human beings are full of judgment,” she tells me. “But it does not come from us, it is not divine. The judgment that humans carry comes from themselves. It always has.” […]

Hey! The Angels are Talking to You!

“Is it true the angels don’t help you unless you ask them?” the woman on my left wanted to know. “Don’t know.” I replied. “I’ll ask them.” I closed my eyes and immediately saw angels rolling on the floor peeing their pants laughing. Yeah. They do that. At least when they’re talking to me. “They […]

Need a Reading Right Now?

Got a crisis on your hands? Need to make a time critical decision?  Text me at 301-717-8500 and I’ll do my best to squeeze you in for a same day or next day reading. (Don’t text? Email me instead! Urgent readings can be scheduled for 20, 40, 60, 75 minutes, or more. Regular reading […]

Is Your Tagline Working for You?

In the last five years, I’ve had six websites and more than two dozen taglines for those websites. Each time I shifted to a new website, I thought, “Now I’ve got it! This is what I am here to do!” And each time, I lived with the new label until it, too, started to chafe, and […]

My Healer’s Heart: Managing the Desire to Rescue

As I settled into meditation today, the first words that Spirit sent were these: Her wounding requires nothing of you. And I knew the words were true, but at the same time my healer’s heart cried, “Wait!” For how could I see someone in pain and not respond? Not try to help, or offer healing […]

Is Your Website Working for You? Avoid this Common Mistake

You’re a healer. You’re here to help your clients transform their lives in some amazing and power-filled ways. And so, like any entrepreneur, you have a website. Urrrrrk! That’s the sound of the whole soul train coming to a screeching, ear-splitting, rail-jumping stop. Because most healers get their websites wrong. (Even when they’re trying so […]

Grounding Meditation: Which Class is Best for You?

Interested in learning the grounding meditation method that is the basis of everything I do, but not sure what your next step is? (If you missed my discussion of the benefits of this meditation style you can read it here.) My students often ask me whether they should take the three-week self-paced course Opening to the […]

Grounding Meditation: The Missing Peace

To be able to be still. Completely at rest. To be able to relax fully, body and mind. To let go of worry; to breathe through pain. To let go of anger, fear, and shame. To know in your bones that you are enough. Good enough. Loved enough. Lovable enough. Strong enough. Blessed. That’s what […]

The Secret is Source

Beneath the surface of the everyday world, there is a whole other world of energy, truth, and Spirit. This invisible world operates in powerful ways that we may not always understand as we go about our everyday lives in our personality selves. I am blessed to spend much time in that other real world. The […]

Your Power Is in the Present: How to Cope with the Fear of Change

You’ve heard the Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? Yeah. Me, too. But I forget. I forget that I am only responsible for the next few steps of my journey. You see, when I lie awake at night worrying that my bank account isn’t Baucis’ pitcher and that […]

What’s On Your Freedom List?

The angels, the planet, the evolution of the human consciousness—everything in our world right now is conspiring to ask us to step up, to step into our power, to claim ourselves for ourselves. That journey plays out in big ways, but today I want to write about the small ways, the tiny places where we […]

Come Home to Your Body—In Bliss

This might be the single most important blog post I have ever written. Dearly Beloveds, That sounds so corny, but it feels so true. I feel so connected and so heart-linked to those of you I am traveling with, those who read my words and learn from my wisdom, and from whom I learn. Dear […]

Buyer Beware! How to Pick a Good Psychic

I met a psychic recently. S/he took a look at a picture of my dog sleeping like a puppy on the floor of the milkroom in my barn. “It’s the milk of the mother,” s/he said. “That’s why he’s sleeping there.” Ummm, no.  The cement floor is cool and besides, he’s been trained that his […]

The Solution is Source!

  I sat down at my desk, settled into meditation, and immediately my mind started spinning around all the actions I could take to help people notice—and register for—a workshop I’m doing in a few weeks. Maybe if I did this, maybe if I did that, I could get more people to sign up. Two […]

Writer’s Block, Threshold Resistance, or Plain Old Fatigue: How to Tell and What to Do

I’ll be at Illuminate Frederick on Sunday talking about writer’s block. Join me! The words won’t come. It’s time to write, but no writing is getting done. Use these quick checklists to figure out what’s wrong, and how to solve it. You may need to sleep more than you need to write if  You routinely […]

How to Notice Your Destiny

What’s your life purpose? What are you here to do in this lifetime? Do you wonder about that? Meditate about it? Ask psychics about it? I did, for many years. I kept asking and asking, “Who am I? What am I here to do?” And the answers came, one by one, and I didn’t recognize […]

Are You Ready to Heal Your Relationship with Money?

I don’t usually share my email newsletters publicly, but I’m making an exception today, because I’m so excited about this offer. Dear Friends, Wow. That seems to be the only thing I can say these days. I just sat down with the archangels and they gave me another huge piece about money and about how to heal […]