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 High Truth Marketing

What Every Lightworker Needs to Know to Market Successfully and in Integrity for the Highest Good of All Concerned

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The Abundance Diet for Writers

Growth is easy when you focus on adding more of the good stuff!

20 abundance habits that will transform your creativity.

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 The Creative Flow Toolbox

Turn your words back on!

A mind/body/spirit approach to finding creative flow. More than 30 practical and inspirational exercises.

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 Full Moon, New Earth: Poems of Joy for the Collective Journey

Step out of fear and into unshakable joy.

This collection of poems has a meditative, reflective quality. They are a source of inspiration, joy, and healing. ~Amazon review

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 The Gift: How My Horse Taught Me to Teach the Toughest Children

Because every single child can learn

An invaluable guide to help teachers and parents work effectively and successfully with even the most-challenging students.
~Five Stars (out of Five)
Foreword Clarion

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 Tapping the Well Within: Writing from Your Source of Effortless Creativity, Deep Wisdom, and Utter Joy

Let your words fly free!

If you are a fledgling writer/artist looking for inspiration, support, validation and belief in one’s self, this little book will be a treasure for you. ~Amazon review

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 Writer, the World Needs You! Get Past Your Fear and Write the Words You’re Meant to Write

Not so fast, Fearbelly!

The world needs the gift of your words. But first, you have to get past your fearbelly, and that takes a courage toolbox.

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