Your Soul's Truth

Alix & the Archangels


Get to know Alix and her work through these free recordings.

Audio One: Welcome to the Other Real World!

This is the inaugural appearance of Alix and the Archangels.

In this fifty-minute experiential workshop, the angels go beyond the physical and take you on a journey through the past, present, and future of the conscious collective.  They share insights about this pivotal time in history, and  help participants identify the next steps that are right for them.

Recorded live, this event launched the collaboration of soul teacher Alix and the Archangels that speak through her.


Audio Two: Change Your Life

Personal Growth: The Piece No One is Talking About

You have a goal. But the goal is not what you’re really working on. And that’s why your New Year’s resolution is likely to fail.

That goal you have, it’s like a tree growing up through the middle of your dining room. You can see it, and you really need to shift it. But you’re trying to kill that tree by pulling its leaves off, one by one.

It might work—in about five years!

But you don’t have five years, and neither does the planet. The angels say, we need all wings on line—stat! So join me as the archangels and I unpack the truth about how to change your life—from the soul out.

This online workshop was recorded in January of 2016. Click here to listen to the recording of this event.

Guided Meditations for Writers

Creativity is not a function of the mind!

Join me for two free meditations that explore the effortless creativity that comes when we get out of our minds and write from a connection with our higher selves.

The first meditation is only 5 minutes long, but it’s a powerful creative awakening.


The 10-minute meditation below will help you quiet your mind and activate your creative power center.