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Alix & the Archangels


Welcome to Angels 2.0!

I’m so glad you’ve found me, because you are the reason I’m here.

It’s my passion, my purpose, and my absolute pleasure to help you.

My name is Alix, and I’m an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels.

Yes, I spend time every day meditating and talking with angels.

But I also live in the real world, the one where fear roils through the collective, where leaders go on rampages of hate, where the very ground often feels unstable beneath our feet. And although the angels don’t live on this earth with us, they understand what we humans are going through, because it’s their job to support us.

My angels aren’t all about world peace and unconditional love. They’re more likely to give me a huge kick in the a**, roll on the floor peeing their pants laughing at me, and sometimes they even tell me to stop meditating and go clean my house. They are absolutely NOT here to tell me the winning lottery numbers.

My angels are not here to rescue me, or you either. There’s not a codependent bone in their, er, well, I guess they don’t have bodies, but you know what I mean.

The archangels as I know them are huge sources of peace, healing, and wellbeing. It’s amazing to be able to talk with them just like I can talk with you (and I can do that). And they have a great sense of humor. But all of that love and light has a purpose.

It’s time for human beings to grow up. Literally up, like into a higher vibration.

Yes, we are human. We have bodies. We live in the third dimension. But we are also divine, and our divinity is our birthright. We humans are supposed to be able to embody our spirits, use our higher senses, talk with angels, and cocreate truly amazing lives of abundance, wellness, and love.

But in order to do that, we have to heal. We have to grab our courage, our persistence, our longing to access the invisible worlds, and we have to wade through the muck that is the swamp of soul growth. Soul growth is not easy. It can rock the boat of our lives, and while we are down in the swamp, it can be painful, scary, even overwhelming.

But I think, and I think my clients would agree, that soul growth is worth every ounce of the fortitude it requires, because on the other side of that swamp lies a freedom that you have likely never experienced. You see, when humans  embody their higher selves, the empty spaces inside us get filled. We no longer need to search outside ourselves for validation and fulfillment, because we are whole. We no longer need to wait for others to rescue us, because we know how to rescue ourselves. We no longer ask the angels to give us the winning lottery tickets, because we have all the financial abundance we need.

Freedom. Divinity. Money. Joy.

We really can have it all.

Here are some of the way the angels and I can help.

Intuitive Business Coaching

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Trying to attract more clients?
  • Coping with limited cash flow?
  • Uncertain of your soul purpose?
  • Ready to grow to the next level?

The angels and I specialize in helping highly conscious entrepreneurs craft successful and soul-satisfying businesses. We are available for a one-time consult or for ongoing intuitive business coaching.

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Healing

  • Tired of feeling sad or anxious all the time?
  • Not sleeping?
  • Wondering why you attracted that illness or injury?
  • Feeling disconnected from your joy?
  • Looking for your passion and soul purpose?
  • Ready to hear your angels and guides?

Our bodies and emotions are rich sources of information about what our souls need. The angels and I can help you understand what’s going on beneath that physical or emotional symptom, and we can work with you and your higher self to clear old patterning, rewrite soul contracts, and see what physical, 3-D actions you can take to create the changes you desire.


  • Wondering why your last relationship didn’t work?
  • Trying to heal from a break-up?
  • Hoping there’s a new guy or gal out there for you?
  • Working through challenges in your current relationship?

While the angels and I are always careful not to invade a third party’s privacy, there is a relationship space that exists between any two people who are involved in a personal or professional way. We can look at that space and get valuable insights and guidance about what’s going on in the relationship.


  • Do you want to talk with the spirit of your infant or young child?
  • Do you have a highly sensitive child who struggles with the chaos of everyday life?
  • Does your child have nightmares or throw tantrums?
  • Do you simply want to understand your child better?

Whether it’s sharing with you the reason your newborn chose you as a parent, helping your child sleep through the night, or giving you valuable insights about your child’s struggles at school, the angels and I are always delighted to work with children. And the children we work with are incredible! So many youngsters are being born on the fast track–with high levels of consciousness, light, and metaphysical awareness and power. These children often need help managing their openness and sensitivity. They often  desperately need grounding and  psychic protection–skills that are easy to learn, but which can make a huge difference in your child’s wellbeing.

The angels and I can help you recognize, receive, and achieve your heart’s desire.

If we can help you in any way, please reach out. The best way to connect with me is through my email: or by phone: (301) 717-8500.

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I’m not a doctor or mental health practitioner. Nothing I may see or share with you is in any way meant to replace your work with your chosen, licensed, physician or therapist. Please always work with your doctor or therapist for support with mental and physical health issues.